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François Chabot

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Micheline Gratton

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François and Nathalie Chabot

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Benoit St-Michel

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Elisa Pistilli

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Mary Sansalone

Marco Piccoli and the altar boys of Our Lady of Consolata church - Italian Parish of Montreal, Canada.

All the youth of the Our Lady of Consolata church - Italian Parish of Montreal, Canada.

Mélissandre and Maryline Parent and all the youth group of Saint Joseph Parish in Montreal, Canada.

Angel, Ruth and friends from the Neo-Catechumenal

M. Miguel Arevello and Santa Lucia Parish – Spanish Parish of Montreal, Canada.

Joel Miguel Savedra

Casimiro and Cinzia Verdone

Nadia Piccoli

Andrea and Maria Zaccagnino

Gabriele, Rina and Caporale family.

Miss Maria Bayer and parishioners of Saint Boniface – German Parish of Montreal, Canada.

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